Student Accommodation Jock’s Lodge

Posted on: January 19, 2023

The Cockburn Association objects to this application.

Address: 35 Jock’s Lodge Edinburgh EH8 7AA

Proposal:  Student accommodation development including ground floor retail /commercial space with associated access, landscaping, open space and drainage

Reference No: 23/00008/FUL

Closing date for comments: 10/02/2023

Determination date: 3/05/2023

Result: Pending

Cockburn Response

The Cockburn Association objects to this application.

We recognise the historic context of Jock’s Lodge but acknowledge that the suitable redevelopment of this site may be acceptable and that the provision of student accommodation on this site may also be acceptable. However, we consider that the height, scale, and massing of the proposed development is inappropriate for this restricted and constrained site on a significant traffic artery to and from the city centre and near a busy junction.

This site, and the surrounding neighbourhood, urgently requires a masterplan and/or a Local Place Plan to guide and direct the appropriate future development of this site and to promote the assembly of coherent development opportunities that will ensure the social, economic, and environmental sustainability and integrity of the wider neighbourhood for the benefit of all residents and businesses.

As proposed the density of this development is too great for what is a rather restricted site. This will have a negative impact on amenity, both internally and externally, for future residents and for existing residents on surrounding streets. For example, as proposed the development has very little useable greenspace.

Although, the height of the proposed development has been reduced following community consultation, we consider that it is still too tall.  The lack of a set-back from the pavement on the London Road frontage will exacerbate the canyoning effect of this development on a busy traffic artery and so result in negative social and environmental consequences. This will not be ameliorated by the proposed active street frontage along London Road.  Similarly, the large elevation along  ‘Smokey Brae’ will tend towards the creation of a hostile environment for pedestrians.