Cameron Toll Redevelopment

Posted on: March 3, 2022

Some initial questions about the proposed redevelopment of the Cameron Toll retail park

The Cockburn’s Policy and Development Committee has reviewed the outline design proposals for Cameron Toll which were published during the recent consultation exercise. These illustrated emerging plans for the redevelopment of this long-established retail centre.

We felt the consultation was limited on design detail and raised several questions which we hope and anticipate will be addressed in future consultation events. We have listed a selection of these unanswered questions below.

Cockburn Response

Some outstanding questions for the developer before the next consultation event:

  • How is site and  community connectivity to be achieved?
  • How are active travel, Tramline  3 and ‘red light’ routes to be integrated or protected?
  • What is the nature of wider civic connections and services to the neighbouring communities?
  • Is there not an opportunity for a more radical shift in site and civic amenity planning than is proposed?
  • What is the future of the current retail offering at Cameron Toll?
  • Where is the data on current pattern of use/travel at Cameron Toll and how is this informing future use?
  • How is the concept of a 20-minute neighbourhood being integrated into proposals for Cameron Toll?
  • How will the new Cameron Toll contribute to the city’s ambitious 2030 climate targets?