Granton Development

Posted on: July 11, 2024

More information is required on affordable housing

Address: Site 250 Metres East Of 11 West Shore Road Edinburgh

Proposal: Demolition and redevelopment of site for erection of mixed-use residential led development comprising flats and houses etc.

Reference: 24/02610/FUL

Closing date for comments: Fri 12 Jul 2024

Determination date: Wed 16 Oct 2024

Cockburn Response

The Cockburn supports this application.

Members of our Policy and Development Committee benefited from an in-depth presentation on this development by the development team during the consultation phase.

In relation to this planning application, in our view it is essential that community infrastructure is delivered in a timely manner in support of the planned residential development.

Surprisingly little information is provided in relation to the affordable housing component of this proposal. There is no affordable housing statement, only a broad statement of intent. As a result, it is unclear what specific housing needs are to be addressed and if affordable family homes are included, for example.

The proposed district heating scheme may be a viable, low carbon energy resource for future residents.  But it is not clear it this can be guaranteed to be an affordable option for future residents in the long term. More information on energy affordability is required.