Application to infill a gap site on Morningside Road

Posted on: July 30, 2021

Our comments on a proposal to partially demolish existing architectural elements and fill this significant site

Address:  358 – 364 Morningside Road Edinburgh EH10 4QN

Proposal Partial demolition of existing ground floor retail unit, alterations and extension to form replacement ground floor and basement retail unit (class 1) and erection of 10 flats in the upper floors, with associated cycle parking and infrastructure.

Ref No: 21/03620/FUL

Closing date for comments: Friday 06 Aug 2021

Determination date:  Friday 03 Sep 2021

Result:  Pending 

Cockburn Response

The Cockburn Association OBJECTS to this application.

We agree with the principle of infilling this longstanding gap site with a modern interpretation of a traditional tenement.

However, the proposed development is unacceptable. It fails to draw architectural elements from adjoining buildings or to align with the windows of surrounding tenements and is in all respects unsympathetic to the traditional streetscape of the Morningside community and conservation area.

The façade which has been partially retained to the south end of the site represents an opportunity to consider the sympathetic incorporation of this retention into any new proposal for this site. The removal of this element of historical streetscape should be avoided if at all possible.

An alternative proposal, developed with due consideration to its setting and incorporating the retained façade, may be acceptable. But this proposal has nothing to recommend it.

The Jordan Burn, which is of local interest, may be culverted under this site. If so, suitable street-level interpretation of this historical landscape feature should be considered.