New burn and wet meadow at Cammo Estate

Posted on: December 6, 2021

Our supportive comments for a de-culverting project to create a new burn and wet meadow at Cammo

Address: South Field at Cammo Estate, Cammo Road, Edinburgh

Proposal: Preposed creation of a wet meadow and boardwalk

Reference No:  21/05737/FUL

Closing date for comments: Mon 6 Dec 2021

Determination date: Tue 11 Jan 2022

Result: Pending

Cockburn Response

The Cockburn Association SUPPORTS this application for the creation of a new burn section and a wet meadow with a boardwalk on the Cammo Estate.

Similar projects at Inverleith, Figgate and Lochend Parks, and at many other sites around Scotland, have already  resulted in the low cost and sustainable delivery of multiple social and environmental benefits and it is highly likely that this proposed project for Cammo will be equally beneficial.

Such projects represent of deliverable, popular and low maintenance solutions to the growing imperatives of sustaining the city’s biodiversity, adapting to a changing local climate and to the mitigation of carbon emissions.