Caledonian Brewery

Posted on: June 7, 2024

Considerable potential as an attractive and liveable residential community

Address:  Caledonian Brewery 40 Slateford Road Edinburgh EH11 1PH

Proposal:Proposed partial demolition and residential redevelopment (including affordable housing) with landscaping, access, associated infrastructure etc

Reference: 24/02059/LBC

Closing date for comments: Fri 07 June 2024

Determination date: Sun 30  June 2024

Cockburn Response

The Cockburn Association supports this application.
This application was the subject of a recent presentation to our Policy and Development Committee  by the development team and the proposals were well received  by our committee members.
In our view this is a good scheme which demonstrates the successful and sustainable reuse of a range of heritage buildings for residential purposes and the sensitive infill of the remaining site with new or rebuilt accommodation.  It has considerable potential as an attractive and liveable residential community.
However, it is disappointing that little information is  provided relating to affordable or accessible housing provision or  accessible parking provision.  It is to be hoped that this oversight is addressed.