Scottish Free French House

28 Regent Terrace, Edinburgh , EH7 5BS
Phone: 0131 285 6030

Located at 28 Regent Terrace, the Scottish Free French House sits along the contours of Calton Hill, perched above Edinburgh.

This neighbourhood dates to the 1820s, when William Stark won an architecture contest organised by the city, which was looking for the best plan for expanding the New Town. Stark died before the works began, but one of his acolytes, William Playfair took over the project and brought it to completion, adhering strictly to Stark’s original designs.

The “Maison Ecossaise des Français Libres” (Scottish Free French House) was inaugurated by General de Gaulle on 23rd June 1942, during a brief visit to Edinburgh. His speech was consecrated wholly to the French-Scottish Alliance, which he described—in a since then oft repeated formula—as “the oldest alliance in the world”.

In October 1945, the house and its garden were purchased by the French authorities to establish there the Consulate General of France in Scotland, thus replacing the previous Consulate in Glasgow.

In 1966, consular operations moved to the neighbouring building and the storied Scottish Free French House became the official residence of the Consul General of France in Scotland.

For this Doors Open Days we will be offering a virtual tour of the SFFH with the video available below and on the French Institute in Scotland’s YouTube channel. Please enjoy your virtual visit! 

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