Visit a Heat Pump

POSTED ON March 20, 2024 BY James Garry

Local opportunities to visit and to host

Whilst individual heat pumps present challenges for those living in tenements, they are still one of the forms of clean heating that we should all be moving to over the years to come from now.
Visit a Heat Pump is a new website from NESTA (‘the UK’s innovation agency for social good’), allowing you to find local householders who have had heat pumps installed (both air-source and ground-source) and who’re happy to host visitors to answer any questions and help dispel the myths and generally unwarranted criticisms of misinformation campaigns.
There are a few already registered locally, with the next scheduled visit coming up at the end of the month.
The website also allows those who have a heat pump already to register to host visits.
Image: Pixabay

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