Manifesto for the City 2022

POSTED ON April 1, 2022

Our “asks” of those standing as councillors in the upcoming Local Authority Election

As we head into the Local Council elections in May 2022, the Cockburn Association sets out its “asks” of current and prospective councillors.

In doing so, we also set out key areas for policy and management to carry Edinburgh  forward post-Covid during the next administration between 2022-27.

Read and download our full manifesto by clicking here, then get in touch with the candidates in your ward and ask them if they will commit to the following:


The next five years will need to be about building a new, resilient future for the City.  Maintaining the quality of our streets, buildings and neighbourhoods should be at the forefront of governance priorities.

As Professor Cliff Hague OBE, Chairperson of the Council of the Association commented:

“We need to move from an exploitive linear economy to one that cherishes and reuses its built and natural environment and places community well-being at the heart of decision-making.”

(The Cockburn discussed some of the ideas in this latest Manifesto for the City in greater detail in our recent publications Our Unique City (2019) and the revised version, Our Unique City: our future after coronavirus (2020)).

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