Virtual Tour of the Waggonway Museum with Ed Bethune

Sun 27th Sept at 11am

We’ll be hosting Ed Bethune, the chairperson of the 1722 Waggonway Heritage Group, as he takes us on a virtual tour of their wonderful museum in Cockenzie.

The Tranent – Cockenzie Waggonway was built by the York Buildings Company in 1722. Construction started in May of that year, with local timber-wright William Dickson employed to make wooden rails, wagons and wheels for this new innovation. The Cadell family bought the line in 1779 and upgraded it to an iron railway in 1815, before employing Robert Stevenson to make further modifications at Cockenzie Harbour in 1833.

The Waggonway Museum sits close to the former terminus of the Waggonway and explores the history and archaeology of the line itself as well as the local coal and salt industries it served.

Ed will give us a tour of the museum and bring us up to date on recent community archaeology work organised by the Heritage Group in the local area followed by a Q&A.

Curated especially for the Cockburn Association’s 30th year hosting Doors Open Days events along the theme: “Opening the Doors to Hidden Histories ”, this is the latest in a series of different and distinctive discussions we call our “Cockburn Conversations”.

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