Prof Euan Hague “Challenging entrenched histories: the memorialisation of Confederacy in the USA”

Tues 22nd Sept at 7pm

Join Professor Euan Hague, of De Paul University in Chicago, in a conversation with Professor Cliff Hague, the chairperson of the Cockburn Association, entitled “Challenging entrenched histories: The memorialisation of the Confederacy in the USA”.

Euan and Cliff will be discussing Euan’s research into neo-Confederacy; how this is reflected in monuments and place-names; unearthing hidden histories in Chicago; and lessons for Edinburgh.

This is the second of five different and distinctive “Cockburn Conversations” in a series called “Opening the Doors to Hidden Histories” curated specially for the Cockburn’s 30th year hosting Doors Open Days events in Edinburgh.

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Professor Euan Hague is Director of School of Public Service Geography at De Paul University in Chicago. He is a cultural and urban geographer with academic interests in Confederate commemoration, white racial identities, cultural relationships between Scotland and America, gentrification and urban activism. His research has examined neo-Confederate nationalism and political appropriation of Celtic identities, in particular focusing on the separatist organization, the League of the South, founded in Alabama in 1994. Prof. Hague regularly engages in community-based research and collaboration with local organizations. His recent work includes partnerships with the Pilsen Alliance and AREA-Chicago to examine how Chicago’s cultural and urban landscapes have developed historically and are continuing to change. In 2019, Professor Hague received the Barbara A. Holland Scholar-Administrator Award, an award that recognises research-informed leadership in higher education. Professor Hague is also a former head boy of Boroughmuir High School!

Professor Cliff Hague is a freelance consultant, researcher, author and trainer and chairperson of the Cockburn Association. Professor Hague taught generations of Scottish and international planners and was Head of the then Department of Town and Country Planning in Edinburgh College of Art / Heriot-Watt University. Today, he is Professor Emeritus of Planning and Spatial Development at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and has previously been the President of the Royal Town Planning Institute, and of the Commonwealth Association of Planners and the Chair of Built Environment Forum Scotland. Professor Hague also happens to be the father of Professor Euan Hague!

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