Perspectives on RSA Mission “Design for Life”

Thu, 1 September 2022

In addition to discussion surrounding ‘Design for Life’, the hope is that this event will re-energise the RSA Fellows’ Edinburgh Network, following a difficult period due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Subjects covered by events hosted by the Edinburgh Network have been diverse, with examples such as housing, land use, digital participation, 21st century childhood, food fraud and crime, taxation, ageing, create industries and various other policy issues. Those attending this event will have the opportunity to suggest speakers and/or subjects for events and projects hosted by the Edinburgh network over the period from November 2022 to May 2023.


Jenni Inglis FRSA, Entrepreneur and Social Value Specialist

Debora Kayembe FRSA, Rector, University of Edinburgh

Jane Morrison-Ross FRSA, Chief Executive, South of Scotland Enterprise

Susan Murray, Director, David Hume Institute, and board member of Nature Scot 2016-2021

Andrew Milligan FRSA, Independent Economist and Charity Trustee

Diarmid Lawlor, Assosciate Director of Scottish Futures Trust, Board Member of Scotland’s Futures Forum

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