Paris: The route to a smart, sustainable, COVID-resilient city – A Cockburn Conversation

Wed 1st of Sept at 7pm on Zoom

On September 1st at 7pm we are hosting on Zoom another Cockburn Conversation, this time between Nicolas J.A. Buchoud, President of the Grand Paris Alliance for Metropolitan Development, and Professor Cliff Hague, chairperson of the Cockburn Association.

Nicolas will share with Cliff his reflections on Paris and its route to a smart, sustainable, Covid-resilient city and the two will see what exemplars the French capital might offer the Scottish capital as Edinburgh begins to plot its own path beyond the pandemic.

Tickets to this event are available from the link below, these are available free or for a small donation. Please do give whatever you can to support our ongoing activities, such as managing the beloved annual Edinburgh and East Lothian Doors Open Days.

Only ONE ticket per screen, per event is required to be booked. 

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