Edinburgh’s Colony Housing 1860-1910 – Fresh insights from Professor Richard Rodger

Sunday 27th September at 4pm

We’ll be hosting a talk from Professor Richard Rodger, offering fresh insights on Edinburgh’s Colony Housing.

He will explore the origins and achievements of a group of working men and women who formed a Cooperative Company in an effort to counteract the disadvantages of living in the congested areas of Victorian Edinburgh.

Their achievement was to build over 2300 houses, all of which are still standing. It was the equivalent to housing a population equivalent to Musselburgh in 1911. Richard will explore this and the wider significance of the Edinburgh colonies during his presentation.

Curated especially for the Cockburn Association’s 30th year hosting Doors Open Days events in Edinburgh, along this year’s theme of “Opening the Doors to Hidden Histories” this is the latest in a series of different and distinctive discussions under the banner “Cockburn Conversations”.

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Questions can be submitted in advance to admin@cockburnassociation.org.uk . Please subject your email: “Cockburn Conversations – Colony Houses”.

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