Edinburgh New Town – Lord Morays Feu in context – by Simon Laird

Thu, 5 May 2022

Edinburgh’s New Town, built between 1767 and the late nineteenth century, is one of Europe’s finest neoclassical neighbourhoods. But the importance of the New Town goes far beyond the quality of its architecture. Today, more than 250 years after it was first laid out, it is not only a carefully conserved Georgian neighbourhood but a vibrant community in which people from all walks of life live and work in harmonious surroundings.

The area developed by the Earl of Moray is one of the jewels in the crown. This talk will cover the origins and development of the New Town, and the way in which the Moray Feu fits into the story. It will also look at the way in which the original design has accommodated change before, during and since its construction.

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