Edinburgh Climate Movement Gathering

Sun, 30 Apr 2023

This gathering will be a way to meet others who want to learn about and act on climate change and social justice. It is open to all, including those who are new to the climate movement.

The afternoon will include workshops on topics from mapping the history of local movements for change, tactics we can use to challenge the fossil fuel industry, collective care and security in activism to how the climate movement can show up for migrant justice in Edinburgh.

Our Repair Fair and discussion space will run throughout the afternoon, with Edinburgh Remakery and the Communities Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Project and others on hand to help with practical repair skills. The FoES Circular Economy campaigner will lead discussions on how we can build pressure for fair and sustainable use of resources in Scotland.

We will then have a shared dinner and close the evening with performances exploring how the arts can be a tool for radical change.

The event is primarily aimed at people in the Edinburgh and Lothians region, but those from further afield are welcome to join.


By Friends of the Earth Scotland

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