Fri, 25 November 2022

There will be Q & As leading into discussion at the end of each session

10.00 – Welcome and Introduction, Jill Harrison and Bryony Coombs
10.30 – Anselm Adornes’ Art Patronage and Cultural Networks
Susan Jones(New College of Humanities) Van Eyck’s St Francis receiving the stigmata: Anselm Adornes
and Petrus Christus
Sacha Zdanov (Université Libre de Bruxelles / Fondation Périer-D’Ieteren) Two little-known
drawings of Anselme Adornes
Ann Adams (Independent Scholar) Anselm Adornes: The Use of Black ‘Marble’ for Effigies
Jill Harrison (Open University) The Trinity Altarpiece, Anselm Adornes, St George and Jerusalem

11.30 Travel and Exploration
Roser Salicrú I Lluch (Spanish National Research Council, Barcelona) Merchant, Pilgrim and Traveller:
The Islamic World under the Gaze of Anselm Adornes
Giovanna Guidicini (Glasgow School of Art) Adornes’ Travel Experiences: Roads, Accommodations and
Other Infrastructures

12.00Adornes and the Jerusalem Chapel
Jan Dumolyn (University of Ghent) and Noël Geirnaert (historian and archivist), will discuss their
forthcoming book

LUNCH 12.30 – 1.30

1.30 – 2. 30 Adornes in Scotland
Bryony Coombs(University of Edinburgh) Lost Books: The Manuscript Patronage of James III and
Anselm Adornes
John Malden (Slains Pursuivant, President of the Heraldry Society) Anselm Adornes and the Two CollarsNew Perspectives
Lizzie Swarbrick (University of Edinburgh) Building Jerusalem in Scotland: Pilgrimages and Architectural
Peter McIntyre (Independent Scholar) Questions Arising: Adornes and the Guthrie Ceiling in Angus

ByJill Harrison

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