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Three nominations for Cockburn Council

Posted on 7 Jun 2016 by Marion

There are three nominations to Cockburn Council to serve for a three year period 2016 - 2019


The election of trustees will take place at the Association's AGM on Saturday, 11 June, 2016 at 2.00 pm

at the City of Edinburgh Methodist Church, 25 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9BX 


James Cook

James Cook was born in 1947 and educated at The High School of Glasgow and Glasgow University where he qualified B.Sc. Hons in 1969.  Following four years with Shell in London he joined Edinburgh based stockbrokers Wood Mackenzie in 1973 as an investment analyst specialising in researching pharmaceutical and chemical companies.  He became a partner of the firm in 1982.  In 1990 he was appointed Finance Director of Macfarlan Smith, the world's largest - legitimate - manufacturer of narcotic drugs.  Since 1999 he has developed a freelance career specialising in providing financial advice to pension funds, private equity ventures and charities.  Keenly interested in music he plays the organ, the piano and the viola.  He is a Director of St Mary's Music School, Scotland's specialist school for training outstandingly talented young musicians. 

James is Convenor of the Cockburn Association's Transport Committee as a co-opted member of Cockburn Council.


 Robin Mair

After retirement Robin spent 5 years as chair of the governors of a large and successful comprehensive school near where he lived in the north of England, helping the head teacher introduce many changes which resulted in the school becoming top in the local authority's league table. Additionally as a supporter of the local branch of the Samaritans he applied for and was successful in obtaining a grant of £160,000.00 from the Lottery Fund to substantially refurbish their premises. Robin was responsible for managing the project and completed it on time and on budget.   The skills involved  were the management of change, the management of groups of volunteers, fund raising and managing relationships with the local authority. He believes that these skills along with his experience of running a very small property development from 2005 to 2008  may be of some relevance to the Cockburn.

In his professional life, after graduating from Edinburgh University, Robin worked with a number of global multi nationals in senior management positions. laterally as Vice President of Black and Decker and then Global Operations Director of Foseco Ltd, the speciality chemicals division of Burmah Castrol. These jobs were primarily about delivering short to medium term objectives while at the same time introducing fundamental changes which would result in longer term improvements. 


David McLean

David is 30 years old, Edinburgh born and bred, with a keen interest in the history and architecture of the city.

Since 2011 David has managed the popular Lost Edinburgh page on Facebook, amassing over 132,000 followers to date. The page mainly focuses on the discussion and appreciation of the city’s history and changing face over the years, but it has also served as a means for David to highlight modern-day planning matters and threats to Edinburgh’s rich heritage.

Most recently, David has played a central role in the campaign to reinstate the R W Forsyth sphere on Princes Street. The campaign has been a notable success, with the Lost Edinburgh page’s considerable following being a key factor in helping to amplify public opinion and steer towards the result we all wanted. David has no doubt that the page can continue to help out with similar civic conservation issues in the future.

David adores his hometown and feels very passionate about protecting its most cherished assets, its architectural heritage and uniquely stunning environment being high on the list. In this respect, he has a great deal of admiration for the tireless (and often undervalued) efforts of Edinburgh’s greatest defenders, the Cockburn Association. "Without our wonderfully proactive civic trust, Scotland’s capital city would be in a wretched state. Edinburgh owes so much to the Cockburn over the past 141 years for helping to preserve what makes it great. For these reasons, I wish to be part of the Cockburn Council and set about the task of providing assistance to an already flourishing organisation at a time when it seeks to fully utilise modern methods of spreading its message."